Starting school photo session – Kent photographer

So the day that I’ve been dreading arrived a few weeks ago, my baby started school! Of course I had to document it.

We have been counting down since the beginning of summer, him with excitement and me with sadness.

When the day finally arrived, I helped him put on his little uniform and pack his things into his little bag. And then we all climbed into the car.

His big sisters went off happily to their new classrooms, whilst I waited anxiously with him for the door to open and his teacher to step out and greet all the new starters.

He was impatient, couldn’t wait to get into the classroom. He kissed Daddy and I, then told us he didn’t want us to come with him to the door. His biggest sister and big brother were to take him in.

We stood at the gate and watched as a little piece of our hearts walked through that door with a big smile and a cheery wave, and then it was time for us to leave.

The wait for those few hours to pass seemed to go on forever. I worried; Was he happy? Were they looking after him properly? Was he feeling overwhelmed? Was he missing me?

But when I picked him up, he was as happy as when he went in! He told me he’d missed me, but that he’d had lots of fun.

As the days have gone on, it’s got a little easier saying goodbye each morning. He is settled and happy, loves his friends and his teachers, and the learning they are gently easing them into. And that’s all any mother wants really isn’t it? For her child to be safe and happy.

He started full days yesterday. He’s tired. But he still greets me with a great big smile when he comes out, and that makes up for the long days without him by my side.

Of course I still miss him every day. Just as I miss my other children. 4 years isn’t long enough to have him all to myself really, he’s only little still. But I’m content that he is enjoying his new chapter, and thriving because of it.

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