Breastfeeding Photography

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Whether breastfeeding came easy to you, or if you had to fight to achieve your feeding goals, it is something to be celebrated and remembered. Many Mothers book a breastfeeding photography session to celebrate reaching their own personal milestones, or to document their struggles or successes. Or just because they love breastfeeding, and want to remember those moments.

The incredible bond between mother and child, those big baby eyes gazing into yours. The way they hold on to your finger, your hair, your clothes as they feed. The moment they fall asleep, completely “milk drunk”. Those are the little moments that I look for and record for you.

Whether you are feeding a newborn or a toddler, I am happy to capture those treasured moments for you. This can be on location, or in the comfort of your own home, wherever you are most comfortable. If you are a bit adventurous, and have a vision in mind that you’d like help to bring to life, I’m always up for a challenge! So if you’d like to be an Earth goddess, feeding in the middle of the forest, or just want to snuggle on your sofa, I’m happy to capture your journey, your way.

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