About Me

mother hugging child

Hi, my name is Kelly. I’m Mum to 5 beautiful children, and Little Pandas Photography is my baby.

Growing up, I didn’t exist in photographs until I was 4. No baby photos, no cute toddler moments. I even had to take a photo of my sister to school when we did a “then and now” photo wall! This fuelled a love and appreciation for photography in me from a very young age.

Having spent most of my adult life learning how to use a camera properly and honing my skills, I now pride myself on offering a professional service to suit all budgets.

As a home and location photographer I am uniquely placed to offer bespoke photography. I know firsthand how hard it can be to gather everything you need and leave the house on time when you have a tiny new baby, whether its your first or your tenth. So I bring everything I need to you, in the comfort of your own home. I only ever book one session a day, so I have time to take things slowly. I understand that new babies can be unsettled, and even ones who have been very sleepy can be a bit thrown by a photoshoot, as it is outside of their norm. But I am very calm and patient, and I’m led by baby. So if baby just wants to feed for the first hour, thats fine! If baby really doesn’t want to be undressed I will work around that. Baby is my first priority.

“Highly recommend Kelly, all my photos are beautiful!! She made every effort to make sure me and my baby were both comfortable and has the patience of a saint. Thank you Kelly xx”

On location, I do everything possible to capture the best images on the day. I am all about moments, so I try not to be too rigid about posing. I will sometimes guide you, so that I can capture you all looking your best. But my style is quite casual, because I believe the best images are natural ones that showcase emotion and personality. I have been known to sing songs and act a bit silly to encourage reluctant children to engage, much to the embarrassment of my eldest daughter, who often acts as my assistant! I aim to spend the first part of a session letting your child or children get to know me a little, so they relax a bit. I would rather take the time to ensure their true personality shines through than rush through a session and only gain stiff and stilted images. I won’t tell your child (or you) to “smile!”, although I have been known to tell them “don’t smile”, as this usually guarantees at least a small natural grin creeps out!

I want you to have the session you want, so I try to honor all reasonable requests, and if I can’t accommodate you for any reason I will do my best to explain why. Providing you, and future generations, with memories to cherish is my most important goal.


To help you get the best out of your session, I have a “What to wear” guide on my blog here

Prices for all sessions can be found here, or on the gallery page for each session type.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you are interested in booking a session with me.